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Wedding Weekend!

Monday, April 23, 2012

I guess it looks like I'm so over blogging. Haha. 
But I'm here to tell ya that this is definitely not the case. 
I've been doing a fair amount of traveling this month and throwing work on top of that couples with family time with the hubs and precious daisy has left me with almost NO time for blogging. And for the record, this is coming to you straight from my iPhone since I have no laptop around, because I'm out of town... Story of my life. Not a bad one, but like I mentioned earlier, 
I've been... traveling. 

But I have something special and dear to my heart to share with you....

This month started off with a very special wedding.... My parents. 

Cute couple right?

I'm not talking a renewing of the vows, or a 30th wedding anniversary (which would've been last year had they not already been... Divorced). 
This is a we got divorced 22 years ago (I was 8) and we found love in each other again.  

Wowzers, right?!?

And I'll be the first to admit, I was quite surprised at their reunion. Let's face it, like other children of divorced parents, you do have that hope that you can scheme them back together like the cute twins did in the movie, Parent Trap, but after some time I lost hope that would ever happen. I learned to deal with it and faced the fact that they both moved on and if it was good for them not to be together then it was okay with me as well. I supported them as they found love with others but I was very surprised when they found love in each other... again. But I was a very happy daughter when I found out that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. 
And of course I wouldn't miss this wedding. I was there in my mommy's tummy the first time and I wanted to be there again for the 2nd time. 

Their wedding was very small quaint, with just the right amount of bells and whistles. A beautiful small cake, hors d'oeuvres and finger foods was the right accessory for an intimate evening with family and friends. My mom looked absolutely beautiful in her dress and I had the honor of doing her makeup for the event. She was a stunning bride. My dad looked like a stand up man in his suit and tie, very handsome. They radiated as a couple and looked so good together. 

Here are a couple of family and friends shots.

Me with my sister Tessa and her babies, Brianna and Brian.

Me and Howard trying to be cute for the camera.

My parents took us to Famous Daves for some good ole BBQ.  It was amazingly delicious.

My mom was supposed to take a picture of us, but we ended up goofing around.

Thats my usual super goofy, laughing really hard face, lol.

The next day we went to the pier in D.C. to watch the fireworks.  
We had a great time, especially the little ones.

Are they not the most adorable little ones you've ever seen?
Thats my niece Brianna (left) and my little cousin, Mimi (right).

I had an awesome Easter weekend spent with my family.  It's been a while since I've been able to say that I had an Easter weekend with family... and especially one with my parents (super smile).  

Even though its kind of late and almost May, I hope that you too had a great Easter weekend.

Thanks for reading :).

April Marie

Happy April!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Well HEL-LO there!  
It is now the month of April.  And you know what that means for me?  "April" jokes.

No, seriously, people always have an April joke or saying... especially if its the actual month of April.
If you have this name, then you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

Here are the most common April-isms:

-Hey April!  Where's May?
-Hey AprilMayJuneJuly!
-This is your month, make it stop raining!
 -Is your middle name May?
Ha ha ha, pretty funny right?  The jokes were funny until about, uh age 9, and of course, they never stopped.  The most common question I get is if I was born in April.  I was actually born in October.  I gather my mom really liked the name.  I'm pretty sure it was a popular name during the time I was born because I graduated from high school with 3 other April's.

Let's see what my Lilly planner has to say about April.

This is kind of funny since I haven't seen winter, since uh about, the 2nd week of January?  And let me tell ya, I'm used to having a winter, even though I live in the south.


Las Vegas!

 Las Vegas was a BLAST!

 I definitely mentioned a couple of times before about my then upcoming trip to Vegas, and now I've gone and come back and adjusting back to regular life.  Boo...

This time my boss and I had a wonderful time.  We actually got out there and "explored" the strip one evening after a long hard work day.  We went to Fashion Show Runway Mall (there's really a runway inside- apparently they have fashion shows every weekend, cool huh?).  I must say it was a really nice mall.  And the best part?  They have the biggest Forever 21 that I've EVER seen!  They have something for everyone... men, women, petite, plus size... its pretty awesome.
I also had my first TopShop experience.  I was pretty impressed with what I saw, and they have some pretty interesting, fashion forward pieces.  Ha, and I had no idea how expensive the clothing is there.

And on the strip, it felt like everything was in high definition color.  It was kind of surreal, but also astonishing at the same time.  I loved it.
My camera can't do my eyes justice.  But you get the picture...

A cool pirate ship. Made for an interesting picture.

And the fanciest Walgreens facade I've EVER seen....

We also had a chance to go to The Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace.

This place is like woah... I'm not even exaggerating.  We went there because there's an Anthropologie, but I had NO idea that the mall was that... big.  Not only that, once you reach a certain part in the mall, the ceiling is painted like the sky, the floor turns to cobblestone and voila... you feel like its 6 o'clock in the evening, even though you're inside.  And it was all of 9:30 p.m.  See how Vegas tries to fool you?  But all in all, it was an awesome experience.  We looked around and adored the pretties in all of our favorite high end stores.  One day guys, one day... I will be able to walk in there and buy what-ever I want, lol.  I'm serious.


Zappos :)

A GIANT iPad... like ottoman size... and it worked just like an iPad, lol.
 The last day, we went to Zappos for a tour.  Such a COOL experience!  They have an amazing workplace.  My bestie, who works there, was gracious enough to take us on a tour and explain the "Zappos Way."  We LOVED it!  And we even got free lunch and a cab ride to the airport.  Say what?  Amazing :).

I'd say.....

We had a good time :).

-April Marie

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