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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Some #ootd and #psfashion love for ya.

I wore my brightest to our Lilly appointment earlier this month. I love this dress I got from Forever 21. Its made of the scuba material so its actually super comfy and stretchy. I also love the neon color!

A white eyelet dress is summer with a southern accent. I love my white one and I love to wear it. I recently went to L.A. and the weather was SO nice, I could literally wear my jean jacket AND scarf in JUNE of all months! Y'all I was in summer heaven.

A close up of my favorite scarf.

Ahhh.... This is one of my favorite dresses to wear. A ModCloth fave as well. I love the Kate Spade feel this dress has and I often get asked if it is a Kate Spade dress and it fills my fashion heart to the brim.

What have you been wearing lately? Any favorites?

Food Prep, Me???

Monday, June 30, 2014

So, I finally-finally-finally did it. I planned my meals and snacks for the week and prepared and cooked them all in one day. Geez, seriously? Yes y'all, seriously. Let me be the first to tell you, I honestly didn't think I could do it. Its something about planning something that I'm kind of excited about and at the same time definitely NOT excited about putting the work in. I really had to think this through. I started out by making a list of meals I thought would be good to eat, picked about 3 of them, bought what I needed, came home and slaved (and I really mean that) in my kitchen for about three and a half hours.

First, let me tell you what my menu is for this week:

Cheese Omelet with chopped bell peppers, onions and mushrooms.

Lunch (two options)
Meal One: baked chicken fajitas, baked sweet potato spears and steamed broccoli.
Meal Two: baked salmon burgers, quinoa, baked green beans. 

Fruit with granola and yogurt

Pineapple cubes
Baby carrots
Roma tomatoes and sliced mozzarella

Since July 4th is this Friday, it will be a short working week so I feel confident that this is more than enough for the full day. Also, you might think its weird that I am choosing to eat fruit and yogurt for dinner. Actually this works for me because I don't want to eat heavy dinners. I feel that this works better with my body AND another important wonder is that it actually helps keep my weight down. I love how light I feel when I wake up the next day. Its like the best thing ever for me.

Oh yeah, so guess how much we spent at the grocery store? Yes, a whopping $60. Yeah baby, I am too excited about that because one of the main reasons for me to plan out my meals was to save money! When I think about how much money I spend on lunch and dinner and sometimes breakfast, I can't even.... I immediately think about that dress I'm drooling over on Modcloth or that necklace I saw at J.Crew. I could've bought that with the money I spent for unplanned meals! So much waste. Eventually I would like to see if I can get the $60 down to $40. For two people, not so bad right?

I'll tell you a little secret for saving money at the grocery store- shop at a farmers market. You would be surprised at the amount of food you can buy at a fraction of the cost of the amount it would've been at a popular, more well known grocery store.

Chicken fajitas, broccoli and sweet potato spears- yum! 

My snacks and food prep.
Found this cutie hiding out in my linen closet. Who knew aprons could be so useful? I loved wearing this!

I will keep you guys updated with how my week went with all this preparation.

Do you guys do any food prep? How does it work for you?



A Little Summer Reading...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

With my busy schedule, I've been trying hard to pick up a book. Its hard when you're a busy person to just stop, sit and read a book.

It looks a little loved on doesn't it?
Hubs and I were going through my many boxes of books and I came across one of my high school faves, The Great Gatsby. Eeek! I was so excited because I love this book! And I loved the movie too, mostly for the twist on the story because of the director (I love all of his movies) and the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jay Gatsby (I'm a HUGE Leonardo fan- like HUGE). I thought it was perfect. Since I found my high school book, I decided to pop it open and give it a read. I haven't been able to make a substantial dent in the book, but I'm working on it. My goal is to have it finished by mid-July.

Now this book right here is just what I needed to pick up. I rushed into Barnes and Noble (looking a hot mess I may add) to see what everyone was raving about. I'm already halfway through and now a die-hard Sophia Amoruso fan. The book was a good chunk of change ($28.95) for a girl on a budget but it was totally worth it, ya know, for personal investment (wink). But seriously, every girl, whether you're in college or a working girl trying to make your mark on this world, this is a great book to read to inspire you along your way.

I have to ask, what are you reading this summer?



All About Love

Monday, June 23, 2014

You're probably wondering what does that date mean, right? It's actually the date of our recently celebrated 8th wedding anniversary! Yes, it has been 8 years since we skipped off to the courthouse in Lawrenceville, Ga and nervously said "I DO." Don't worry, it was a good nervous. I mean, getting married is a pretty serious event. There I was saying that I promised to love and cherish this man forever in front of not only the judge but God. Its just hard to renege on a thing like that, especially when you promised God. I don't know how else to explain it only to say you just have to experience it yourself, haha.

We hadn't seen a beach in about a year and a half and decided that a beach trip would be perfect for celebrating our day. We drove about four and a half hours to Charleston, SC and spent most of days at Kiawah Island. We took our fur-baby, Daisy, along and made it a cute family weekend getaway. Believe me when I say that we definitely needed it.

I know guys- I just had to. The beach wouldn't be right without a beer in hand.

Our walkway to the beach.

We had a wonderfully beautiful time, just relaxing, riding some waves and soaking up the sun. I was so relaxed that I ended up not dressing up or wearing any makeup the whole trip, even for anniversary dinner (which was at Texas Roadhouse). We really enjoyed each other and just celebrated our love. 

Note my arm holding my phone. Haha, I'm a dork.
Isn't he handsome?

Here's to many more!



Weekend Love

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

These days, now that I actually get a weekend- a very full one, I've discovered the art of actually doing something. Not just sitting around and catching up on the lost shows of the week (don't get me wrong, I love me a good Saturday lounging around watching tv) but I love doing something. Doing something that I like and getting active, participating in the city around me and having fun!

My weekend was full of that.

Let's start with Saturday. This past weekend was the Virginia Highlands Summerfest. Virginia Highlands is a really cool hipster/young city-goer area of Atlanta. Its full of cute boutiques, great bars and beautiful homes with old charm. I would absolutely LOVE to live in this area. I imagine that I would always be involved in the social scene of the neighborhood, soaking up every single ray of social opportunity. Hubs and I planned to go to Summerfest but after hitting the gym, all I wanted to do was shower and lounge around. Did I mention how hot is was outside? Like geez! It was all of blazin and humid outside.

(Welcome to June in Hotlanta y'all!)

So instead of going to Summerfest, I "suited" up and did this instead.

Yes, my lovely audience, I went to the pool and worked on my tan. And you know what? It was glorious. I got a few tan lines too ;).

The next day, I guess you can say we were determined to do something. We got up Sunday morning and headed to Grant Park for the farmers market. I have to tell you its the cutest thing ever. It looks just like a true farmers market would- full of farm owners and their helpers, trying to make Atlanta healthy one organic peach at a time.

King of Pops had a pop-up stand and I had to have one.

After one bite, I was HOOKED. I need to know if they sell these in stores cause I need them in my fridge.

Let me just add, we must've walked around that entire park- to find it and then to get back to the car. It was our first time to Grant Park so all of everything was new to us. I know for sure that we will be back and despite all of the walking, we had a great time!

We got hungry and stopped by the Vortex. If you are a carnivore, this is the best place in Atlanta to get a burger. Like omg... it is SO good! You need to make some plans to be there soon. I highly recommend it.

My burger had pimento cheese and bacon on it with a side of sweet potato waffle fries. 

They have a funny side too.

As a former waitress, I definitely appreciate this. 

On to Summerfest. It was really a lot of fun, despite the heat and tons of people. But what is a festival without a lot of people in the same weather inclined predicament? No fun I say, no fun. If you appreciate art, handmade jewelry and furniture, there is something to be desired here. I didn't take any pictures of the booths out of respect for the artists. 

We walked, did some looking around, took some information from my favorite artists, did a bit of day drinking and listened to some cool live music- festival style of course.

Oh and what is a festival without a funnel cake?

It was deeeeeeelish! Of course I didn't finish it, I'm too old for that, however, it was very nostalgic to even taste it. 

I can hardly believe we did all of that on Sunday. I was completely pooped when I came home but it was well worth it. 

How was your weekend?

Its a cupcake thing

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Everyone knows I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. Sometimes, of course due to health concerns, it gets to be too much and I have to slow down on the sweets. I have a thing for cupcakes- the love goes real deep. You can imagine my excitement when me and my workmate discovered this place. My endorphins literally jumped for joy. 

Did I also mention that this place is right around the corner from my office? 
(I know where I'm going when the crave is strong). 

But my goodness, once I walked into this place, I had to have a cupcake. I chose the birthday cake flavor with the turquoise icing. Let me tell you, IT-WAS-DIVINE! I enjoyed every single bite.

Thank God they have the mini cupcake version of the full size ones 'cause I'll definitely be back. And maybe I'll split the calories and yummy sweetness with one of my workmates. It would be a shame to have all those calories for myself every single visit. Aren't I so sweet?

If you're ever in Roswell, Ga., you gotta stop by Jilly's Cupcakery.

And you're welcome.



Bright Start!

Monday, June 2, 2014

I love colorful and bright things- especially colorful and bright techie wallpapers. I found artist Evelyn Henson on Pinterest. Her positive quotes with her handwriting font really appealed to me and I'm sure a lot of other people as well. She has an amazing gift for creating the perfect art to go with that "life is a party" theme that people love to live by. I recently stopped by her blog and saw that she had some free desktop wallpaper available for downloads. I thought it would be perfect to share here so you can enjoy them too!

I've already switched my wallpaper on my laptop to the watermelon design and its so cute!



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